Who is it gonna be? Donald or Hillary?

Who is it gonna be? Donald or Hillary?

Who is it gonna be? Donald or Hillary?

And again the Unitated States presidential election is going wild – it seems that nobody can say for sure, what the outcome may be. But for me it’s quite obvious: It doesn’t make any difference for the american people if they vote Trump or Hillary. They are both very poor choices and I dare even to say, that this is the major flaw with the american two-party-system: Two opposing parties will sooner or later become polar opposites, and each one is claiming that the other is evil, while the own party is on the right path. This will lead to very extreme tendencies.
So this system is seperating the so called united states of america.
And I wonder: How long will it take until america falls apart?

So what’s it gonna be?
A donkey or an elephant?

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