Use Bananas not Guns!

Use Bananas Not Guns!

Use Bananas Not Guns!

Originally I was planing to contribute this pic earlier, since mass shootings in the USA were (and still are) a heavy problem! But what really pushed me to publish this, is the recent passing of an american singer called Christina Grimmie. A man, who probably had mental issues, shot and killed her. For what reason? – We will never know. He shot himself right afterwards.

You know how old she was: Twentytwo years! That’s no age to go! Maybe sixty, maybe seventy or maybe eighty  – But not twentytwo! At that age there is so much you can do and learn.  There is so much you can contribute to the world. Instead her live has been cut short – for no reason.

This was just an unneccessary tragedy, which could have been prevented.  If the guy was known for being mentally unstable, why was he allowed to wear a gun? How could a guy with a gun get so close to her?

Or what about the Sandy Hook Shooting? Or the Allison Parker and Adam Ward?

I could go on and on, but to no avail.

I just know one thing for sure: Nothing would have happened, if we would use Bananas instead of Guns  …


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