The Foodchain

The Foodchain

The Foodchain

The business-world shares many similiarities with the rough sea. Unpredictable are it’s currents and around the coast the waves crush hectically. At it’s depth, at the scarce bottom of the sea, the only thing that matters is surviving. The great corporations eat the small ones. But you shouldn’t think that those little fishes are harmless. This shows us a very recent example of a company merging: Bayer, a great pharmagroup, which is criticised for it’s products and working methods, merged with Monsanto – a corporation, that is also known for showing no regards in business matters.

Through this merging the bussiness-world won’t be liberated from a violent shark, but rather a new and bigger monster will be created. And we can only long for an Ahab, who searches the sea for such beasts.

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