Good Riddance To The Clown Who Was President (Special)

Vote Dumb!

Vote Dumb!

Four years are just too long of a timespan for an incompetent and irresponsible person to be in position of power. But through the help of Fox, Social Media and the Republican Party he was able to achieve such an unbelievable feat.

Other achievements include the obstruction of justice, the spreading of a pandemic, the defilement of the Capitol and the destabilization of the democratic foundation of the United States. Well, a big ‚hooray‘ for that! What people like Hitler, Stalin or Castro couldn’t do, was accomplished by a sore looser.

And though I am not an American I feel a sort of relieve, knowing, that this person is not in charge anymore. Yet, as a cartoonist, I am kinda sad, that it’s already over since he gave me a million of ideas. But I doubt that the inauguration of Joe Biden will be the end of that clown – certainly the legacy of his arbitrariness will live on.

Trump's little friend - colour
Trump’s little friend – colour

The door once opened, cannot be closed again …

Trump’s two little friends (coloured, dt. & eng.)

Trump's little friend - colour

Trump’s little friend – colour


Die Wochen nach der Wahl waren gekennzeichnet von Willkür und dem egozentrischen Ausfällen des Clowns, der sich Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika nannte, und sich bis zuletzt weigerte das Wahlergebnis anzuerkennen.

Der Sturm auf das Kapitol war nur die notwendige Konsequenz des rücksichtslosen Verhalten des Amtsinhabers, dessen Lügen über soziale Medien und Fox verbreitet wurden.

Das zurückhaltende Verhalten der Republikaner ist dabei symptomatisch für eine von Angst und Korruption beherrschte Gesellschaft.

Der sechste Januar zeigt: Amerika ist sicherlich nicht der goldene Standard für Demokratie!


The weeks after the election were marked by the arbitrariness and the egocentric misbehavior of the clown who called himself president of the united states and who still denies the legimity of the election.

The storming of the Capitol was just the logical consequence of the inconsiderate behaviour of the Officeholder, whose lies were spread through Fox and the social media.

The hesitant behavior of the republicans is symptomatic for a society that is being controlled by fear and corruption.

The 6th January shows : Amerika is not the golden standard for democracy anymore!

Trump: „Say hello to my little friends“ (dt. & engl.)

Trump's two little friends

Trump’s two little friends


Trump gibt nicht auf!

Man erinnert sich an die Szene aus Scarface erinnert, wo Tony Montana ein großes Loch in die Tür schießt um gegen eine unmögliche Anzahl von Killern anzutreten.

Es wird nur nicht ganz so glorreich sein.


Trump doesn’t give up!

Some my feel remembered to the scene in Scarface, where Tony Montana shoots a giant hole in the door to fight against an impossible number of killers.

It just won’t be as glorious.


White House Burning (English)

White House Burning (english)

White House Burning (English)

It’s been a while, since the last time I made fun about Trump. Although he gave us many reasons to shake our heads again. But at the time when I was drawing this caricature, Obama tried to rain on Trump’s parade. The winner of the peace-nobel-price (yeah, that really happened!) showed not much sportsmanship as he tried to pass some legislations and pardons (Chelsea Manning) just to oppose Trump. A highlight was the accusation of Obama, that Trump’s win was due to russian intervention. These actions brought nothing but showed us only, that Obama was also not a man of high morals.

Trump hat gewonnen? – Wie konnte das passieren? (Teil 3) / Trump has won? – How could that happen? (Part 3)

The True North Strong and Free!

The True North Strong and Free!


Viele Menschen waren enttäuscht von dem Wahlergebnis – doch noch mehr waren sie wohl enttäuscht von der Politik ihres Landes. Doch allzu viel konnte wohl auch nicht erreicht werden, wenn sich die Opposition immer wieder gegen Obama stellte. Auch ein Bernie Sanders war ihnen zu Links und so entschieden sie sich für zwei Kandidaten, deren Ziele nicht auf das Wohle des Volkes ausgerichtet waren, sondern nur darauf die eigenen Taschen zu stopfen.

Und viele Menschen kündigten an, das Land zu verlassen, sollte Trump gewählt werden. Wir wollen für den Frieden hoffen und darauf, dass der Norden (Kanada) die Amerikaner ebensogut aufnimmt, wie die Amerikaner die Mexikaner aufgenommen hat.


Many people were disappointed by the result of the election – but even more were probably disappointed by the politics of this country. Although not much could be achieved by Obama, if the opposition was always against him. Also they dismissed Bernie Sanders because he was too left and so they went for two candidates, whose goals weren’t for the better of the people, but only to suit their own ends.

And many peoply said that they would leave the country, if Trump should be elected. We will hope for peace’s sake that the north (Canada), will receive the american refugees just as good, as the americans received the mexicans.

Trump hat gewonnen? – Wie konnte das passieren? (Teil 1) / Trump has won? – How could that happen? (Part 1)

And Trump Strikes Again

And Trump Strikes Again


Wir waren alle sehr überrascht als Trump letzte Woche die Wahl in den USA gewonnen hat.  Wir alle haben uns gefragt wie das passieren konnte?

Nun, wir alle dachten, dass Trump nur ein Witz war – jemand der sich durch die Wahl profilieren wollte. Jetzt hat ein Mann gewonnen, der sich vor allem durch widersprüchliche, fragwürdige und polarisierende Aussagen hervorgetan hat.

Dies wirft kein gutes Licht auf Amerika, welches momentan zutiefst gespalten ist, und wird international für Spannungen sorgen und wir wissen nicht, was das für unsere Zukunft bedeuten wird.

PS: Dies ist der erste Teil einer dreiteiligen Reihe. Die nächste Veröffentlichung wird nächste Woche erfolgen.


We were all very surprised that Trump won the presidential election in the USA last week. We all asked ourself how this could have happened.

Well, we all thought Trump that he was a joke – someone who wanted to profile himself with the election. Now a man has won, who excelled mostly through contradictory, questionable and polarizing statements.

This doesn’t shed a good light on america, which is at this time totally split, and this will lead to international frictions and we don’t know what this will mean for our future.

PS: This is the first part of a trillogy. The next post will come next week.

Who is it gonna be? Donald or Hillary?

Who is it gonna be? Donald or Hillary?

Who is it gonna be? Donald or Hillary?

And again the Unitated States presidential election is going wild – it seems that nobody can say for sure, what the outcome may be. But for me it’s quite obvious: It doesn’t make any difference for the american people if they vote Trump or Hillary. They are both very poor choices and I dare even to say, that this is the major flaw with the american two-party-system: Two opposing parties will sooner or later become polar opposites, and each one is claiming that the other is evil, while the own party is on the right path. This will lead to very extreme tendencies.
So this system is seperating the so called united states of america.
And I wonder: How long will it take until america falls apart?

So what’s it gonna be?
A donkey or an elephant?

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